8 Rules When Creating a Lead Magnet Your Customers Will Love

Lead magnet is one of the best lead generation strategies for any business. It is the shortest, fastest and bulletproof methods to generating leads for your business.

Lead magnet is one of the best lead generation strategies for any business.
It is the shortest, fastest and bulletproof methods to generating leads for your business.

Lead magnet is an irresistible offer, which are highly valued such that customers are bribed to give in their contact information such as name and email.

So what are the essentials to build such an attractive ‘bait’ aka high impact and high performing lead magnets –

1. They are very specific

Specific to a target audience and their specific problems.
Lead magnets should be relevant to your target audience.

Once you are clear on this you will be developing content in view of their specific needs and there you take your first step to hit the bull’s-eye!

2. It should solve a problem

A good lead magnet addresses a direct need, interest or problem of your target audience.
It should provide a solution to a real top of the mind problem of your prospects.

Avoid going into general issues.

One of the best approach to this could be to ask your sales team the common issues faced by customers or if you have a subscribers list, you can ask them what are the problem they face when it comes to X.

3. Deliver one big promise

You would have loads of content and you will be excited to share it.
But stop! This will not work, it can be quite overwhelming.

Very precisely select just the most valuable content or topic from the whole.
The key is to have just one promising takeaway from your content. Keep it that simple !

4. It is original

The internet is a ready source to lots of data and information. But avoid doing a copy paste job of this information.

Your prospect will feel deceived.
In fact, believe in developing content that should delight the customer with some out of the ordinary fresh insights, research or studies.

Give them resources, tools that will simplify their task, solve problems.

5. It is concise

Providing lengthy reports, ebooks and white paper that are too wordy and run into pages, take time to be consumed.

Ideally your content should have that punch, but it also needs to be clear, to the point and easier to read.
It should guarantee instant satisfaction.

Formats that work best include infographics, ebooks, checklists, cheat sheets, mind maps, templates, toolkits, quiz/survey. Always remember it is not the quantity but the quality that matters.

6. Speed to deliver

With so much of built-in excitement in the landing page, customers can’t wait for the final content.
So as soon as they hit the download button – and voila ! they have instant access to the material.
Even slight delays or wait periods, can have dropouts.

7. It is free

Nevertheless the content should have a very high perceived value.
So the presentation becomes equally important.

Give a professional look to your content, supported by high-quality images and good copy writing, for the look and design I recommend outsourcing if you are not an expert, let the professionals handle it! ☺ . You can outsource to a lead magnet expert, fiverr or upwork.

8. Drives engagement

Let’s not forget the whole idea of enticing your customer with such high value content is to help build your authority and credibility.

It initiates the process of building trust and open avenues for engaging in future business with you.
The skill is to subtly and very creatively bring in a link to your business proposition.
A win-win scenario!

With lead magnets being so crucial to capture new leads and helping you move through the sales funnel, it becomes important to create high converting strategic lead magnets that will:

1. add value,
2. build trust and
3. help grow your list.

This is a guest post from Uche Goodness. He is the founder of Lead Magnet Guru, a creative agency that designs lead magnets (ebooks, guides, checklists, report, white papers, and ecovers) . Connect with him on Facebook!

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