Hey there! I’m Nika.

I am a marketing strategist and consultant, I run this awesome digital agency whose site you’re on right now and do the CMO magic with Exact MASS.

Those are my official titles but there is much more to me. I am addicted to results and crushing goals, in business and in life. I love to laugh and adore my dogs.

My superpower is empowering businesses to shortcut their growth with marketing plan as precise as a military strategy so that they can impact the world around them faster.

An image showing Nika Wolf

I grew up during a war and we often didn’t have enough food to eat, let alone buy nice clothes or travel somewhere. I watched my parents work so hard during the recovery after the war that at one point of time, my mom was feeding all of my friends who were hanging out at our house all the time.

It showed me how one person can make a big difference in lives of those around them.

I carried the desire to be the one taking care of my community and I started by joining a special operations unit to protect my country from terrorism it faced.

I always wondered how I can help on a bigger scale… I could only protect and help so many people myself. I needed to empower others to do the same, to become able to help, and I realized that helping businesses grow is the way to achieve this. By helping them increase their revenue, I get to help businesses hire people and give back to their communities making an impact of the butterfly effect kind.

I combined my love for strategy and tactics from armed forces with my love for digital marketing to create the best possible “plan of attack” and create the no-casualty “military efficiency” campaigns for clients.

Ready to make a difference?